The digitalization of your training is becoming simpler

Edflex helps you to build a new learner experience. Obtain a bespoke training catalogue made up of the best of the Web’s resources – smooth integration with your digital ecosystem.

More than 500,000 learners are using the solution

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Develop your teams’ skills through use of the Web’s freshest training content. The world is changing, behaviours are evolving, and so is training.

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95% of employees are training themselves in order to adapt to technological developments*. Now is the time to place self-training at the heart of your company. Become an organization of learning. *CEGOS Study

The world is changing, learning is too.

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more than 40,000 chosen resources

MOOCs, videos, podcasts, articles, our educational designers work on a daily basis in order to enhance your training catalogue

Learning is becoming simpler

A powerful search engine


In a few seconds, a powerful search engine offers you access to thousands of chosen resources to develop your teams’ skills.

Dedicated educational experts


Helped by our algorithms, our educational designers have been selecting and approving content since 2016 to make Edflex the most comprehensive solution on the market.

Adapted resources (1500 sources)


More than 100 off-the-shelf topics (soft skills, automation, digital culture, etc.), and the opportunity to build bespoke categories on request according to your needs.

An overview of topics

Types of management, changing of roles, positive impact… Skills overlapping between professions which often need to be updated and shared!

The most visited resources by learners:

  • The "Develop your leadership to manage better" MOOC

  • The article "Leadership Post-Covid: Less Vision, More Connection"

  • Video : "Why good leaders give you a feeling of security”

  • The "10 golden rules to motivate one’s team" podcast

They’re talking about us

Digital Transformation

"Rolling out an Edflex catalogue means accessing information and didactic learning tools is more flexible. When a training plan can take up to 12, 13, 14 months between the request being made and its actual implementation, Edflex is able to roll it out in a few days.”

Nicolas BENKÖ

Nicolas BENKÖ

Training Manager with the Croix-Rouge Française (French Red Cross)

satisfaction rate

Different surveys have been carried out through the platform by Edflex and Croix-Rouge to gather feedback from learners. The results have been very encouraging.


"Edflex offers a method of learning which is completely new, as the levers will ultimately be left to the employee in their learning, and that will make them the driving force behind the development of their skills"



Senior Manager Learning & Talent Development

learning ressources consulted

The business unit management’s view is positive and encouraging: learners will train themselves for their job, but will also train on topics that have more of an overlap, as demonstrated by the most visited categories; time management, project management and cloud software.


"For temporary workers it means free and exclusive access to some of the best e-learning modules on the market, with MOOCs, videos… it’s also an innovative and effective tool to develop new skills at one’s own pace, learn new concepts, and stay proactive when it comes to learning.”



Talent and Temporary Worker Careers Manager at Manpower France

of users connect every month

Learners like the freedom they have to use the content offered by Edflex in addition to their compulsory training modules. The most visited categories are management, working together, and personal/professional development!

Join more than 500,000 learners who are using Edflex on a daily basis.

Now you, too, can redesign your learning package and offer your employees the best of the Web’s resources thanks to an intuitive solution.

Our best resources



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