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  • Catalogue de +100 thématiques

  • Accès à +40.000 contenus

  • Personnalisation au démarrage du projet

  • Solution à votre image (logo, URL ...)

  • Équipe dédiée et chat accessible

  • Sélection mensuelle de nouveaux contenus

  • Espace statistiques

  • Tableaux de bords apprenants



Gamifiez l’expérience avec nos playlist de contenus.



Facilitez votre gestion de la formation en ligne.



Simplifiez l’accès à Edflex dans votre organisation.

Options complémentaires possibles

Catalogue Edflex Family

Allez plus loin et ouvrez la formation aux familles des vos salariés.

Account manager dédié

Échangez avec un chef de projet pour vous accompagner.

Catalogue supplémentaire

Accédez à une équipe dédiée pour une recherche de contenus spécifiques.

More than 500,000 learners are using the solution

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Included in all packages

Training solution configuration and installation

Selection phase and monthly catalogue update

Dedicated support chat for you and your learners

Several formats (Videos, MOOC, Articles, Podcasts, Webinars)

Informative content in French and in English

Administrator access and monitoring of learners’ statistics


They’re talking about us


"Edflex offers a method of learning which is completely new, as the levers will ultimately be left to the employee in their learning, and that will make them the driving force behind the development of their skills.”



Senior Manager Learning & Talent Development at Generali

Digital Transformation

"Rolling out an Edflex catalogue means accessing information and didactic learning tools is more flexible. When a learning plan can take up to 12, 13, 14 months between the request being made and its actual implementation, Edflex is able to roll it out in a few days.”

Nicolas BENKÖ

Nicolas BENKÖ

Learning Manager with the Croix-Rouge Française (French Red Cross)


"For temporary workers it means free and exclusive access to some of the best e-learning modules on the market, with MOOCs, videos… it’s also an innovative and effective tool to develop new skills at one’s own pace, learn new concepts, and stay proactive when it comes to learning. This learning package via our online platform complements all of the measures that we are carrying out across all other learning systems.”



Talent and Temporary Worker Careers Manager at Manpower France