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A streamlined learning course buying experience to support skills development all throughout one’s career.

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The world is changing, learning is too.

Capitaliser sur la formation en entreprise, c'est développer les talents internes et en attirer de nouveaux.

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more than 40,000 chosen resources

MOOCs, videos, podcasts, articles, our educational designers work on a daily basis in order to enhance your training catalogue

Develop your teams’ skills through use of the Web’s freshest training content. The world is changing, behaviours are evolving, and so is training.

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95% of employees are training themselves in order to adapt to technological developments*. Now is the time to place self-training at the heart of your company. Become an organization of learning. *CEGOS Study

How does it work?

Created in 2018 after a lot of feedback from clients, the edcard’s purpose is to facilitate the management of certification payments from the interface. Today, the system has been adopted by dozens of our biggest client accounts such as the Orange group, and thousands of learners are using it daily for their MOOC certifications!

Why does Edcard make learning easier?

A delegated payment management system

Effectively manage the budget for each learner and monitor payments within the interface, saving a substantial amount of time.

Enhanced autonomy

The Edcard gives power back to learners by getting them involved in choosing their learning courses, thus increasing their commitment.

Easy, user-friendly interface

Our IT team has worked hard to develop the best possible experience for learners by building a simple and effective platform.

Join more than 500,000 learners who are using Edflex on a daily basis.

Now you, too, can redesign your learning package and offer your employees the best of the Web’s resources thanks to an intuitive solution.