What if you gamified the Edflex experience?

A learning pathway in order to develop specific skills with quizzes, structured content, and a certificate as an added bonus.

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Why do playlists engage learners?

Playlists are rated 9.8/10 on average by employees – they support the process of learning through an innovative approach.

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50+ playlists

Created and updated by our team of experts, playlists touch on key themes such as team management, working remotely, and public speaking.

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75+ skills

Across all playlists, learners have the opportunity to learn the skills they need to thrive in today’s business world.

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50+ experts

Skills are tested by questionnaires within Playlists. By successfully completing these questionnaires, learners receive confirmation that they have mastered certain learning concepts.

Create your own skill playlists

Take control by creating your own courses and quizzes based on your specific needs and the themes you are interested in.

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Work with thousands of training resources

  • To face new learning needs

  • To adapt to the changing context

  • To easily create and innovate

  • To deploy even faster

Our most popular playlists

The podium of playlists as requested by our clients.

Managing remotely

Working from home: Organizing things remotely

HR: Support the creation of a work group


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