Easily integrate Edflex with your tools

Create a cohesive, comprehensive learner experience by connecting your training softwares with one another.

Le connecteur edflex

More than 500,000 employees are using the solution

Why does the connector simplify the user experience?

Consolidate your projects

Having a single place where all of your training content is stored yields a higher learner involvement rate.

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Improve learner experience

One set of login credentials thanks to a SSO connection will enable your learners to access content quickly.

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Create a lasting digital ecosystem

Go further by connecting the training software you already have in place with the Edflex system.

How does the connector work?

While the Edflex solution is able to run autonomously, it can also be integrated seamlessly into your current training ecosystem and LMS. We work with the biggest players in the market to make these integrations happen, including 360 learning, Rise Up, and CrossKowledge.

Are you an LMS wanting to integrate Edflex to your training software?

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