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Edflex raises 6 million dollars to revolutionize corporate e-learning

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Fundraising Edflex

BAM. It's done. We just completed a $6 million fundraising round. This will allow us to accelerate our development by investing, faster and more heavily in our product.

We wish to extend a huge thank you to our entire teams, our clients, our partners and the funds accompanying us on this round. We all share a common vision of the training industry. Trainings which need to be more instantaneous, more accessible, more flexible to meet the challenges of today’s world.

In this article, we share our vision, our goals, our ambitions and what is going to change in a few months ! 🎾

Our vision at the heart of the training industry’s transformation

We are convinced that the most important skill in a company today is learning how to learn. In a world of perpetual changes, this notion of daily learning is becoming essential.

The year 2020 and the past few months have proven this more than once. Jobs are evolving, the economy is transforming, the world is changing faster and faster and it is necessary for everybody to develop their employability.

Our mission is to help HR teams and employees by simplifying access to knowledge and by making training easily accessible at any time, anywhere and on any device (ATAWAD).

95% of employees report that they train themselves to answer the evolutions of the job market.

Fifteen years ago, the reflex to develop knowledge was to go to the library or to ask for a training from your company. Today, the first reflex is Google. And we want it to be Edflex.

The Internet is a true goldmine, a vast library of knowledge to which we all have access, but where it is sometimes difficult to find the resource that suits our needs. Every day, millions of contents are published in the world and they complete or replace numerous traditional training courses.

Within companies, traditional e-learning units and training catalogues suffer from their lack of freshness and their aging formats. We are convinced that the era of creation must be extended thanks to content curation, but in-house skills are not always sufficient. Our ambition is to be a major player in the field of content curation by combining technology and people. Identifying, categorizing and making accessible the best content on the web (videos, MOOCs, podcasts, articles, webinars...) is our daily work.

$6 millions for a revolution

To help HR/training teams and users easily and instantaneously access knowledge, we decided to raise funds and create a complete product. We aim at transforming e-learning by gathering the best web content to allow companies to optimize their costs associated with content creation.

We have set ourselves 3 goals with this fundraising.

1. Assisting 1 million users daily, by 2022.

We want to double our number of users and to spread our impact all over the world. With more than a hundred active clients, and a majority of big companies (Total, Radio France, Generali, Paypal, AXA, Orange
), we have the ambition to pursue our growth by working with even more midcaps and big companies in the next six months. This is what will allow us to achieve our ambitious goal of a million users on Edflex.

But we will not stop at the french market. With more than 50% of our users already connecting from other countries than France, we want to build on the existing base to continue our development. Our product allows users to consume content in french, english, spanish and deutch and users particularly appreciate (+68 of NPS), that our catalogue pushes native resources. âšĄïž

2. Creating a simple and complete product for training departments.

Adapting to the companies’ needs and accelerating the growth of our ambitious roadmap is one of the major reasons for this fundraising. With a roadmap already established including integration in daily tools (Teams, Slack, LMS and HRISâ€ŠđŸ€«), the strengthening of our partnerships (360 Learning, Talentsoft, Rise Up
) and the significant increase in the number of qualified resources (100 000 resources in 2022) : our team wants to create a unique product with a high engagement rate.

3. Doubling our workforce and recruiting new talents.

Recruiting to launch these new projects effectively and provide the best possible support to our clients is our priority. With more than 40 recruitments planned in the next 12 months, we are searching for talents all over France and Europe !

The sanitary crisis taught us to handle work differently, enabling us to work efficiently even remotely. With employees already present all over France (Nantes, Aix, Angers, Rennes
) : we believe in the concept of extended company and we have a hybrid model appreciated by our teams (+82 of eNPS at Edflex). We are going to hire a lot to reinforce our workforce to achieve our goals.

(By the way, if you read this article and you think that you share our values, a lot of offers will be published on our Welcome to the Jungle page, this way 😇)

The choice of our investors

For this series A, we are lucky to share common values with our investors : the search for impact and the will to build a company with a mission. Our partners MAIF avenir, We Positive Invest (Arkea Capital) and BPIFrance support our mission to promote access to knowledge all around the world.

To support the future growth, we also have the chance to count Nicolas Fritz (COO of Content Square which went from start up to scale with the success we know) as an investor. He will guide our founders in all the challenges that await Edflex.

The next steps

To sum up, these $6 millions will allow us to develop our product, to hire new talents and to recruit and accompany more companies. For a global mission : to keep accompanying more users in the development of their skills.

The Edflex team aims at realizing great ambitions. We are already focusing on the achievement of our goals. We will tell you how it went every step of the way ! 🙌

Key information :

  • Creation: 2016

  • Founders: ClĂ©ment Meslin, Philippe Riveron, RĂ©mi Lesaint, RaphaĂ«l Droissart

  • Amount raised: $6 millions

  • Type of funding : series A

  • Investors : Maif Avenir, We Positive Invest (Arkea Capital), BPI France, Nicolas Fritz





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